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We would love to share our special day with you.  Here you'll find the beautiful video Brad made of our wedding, our photos, the press our little elopement garnered, details about the wedding, and more. If you have any questions about our elopement, or if you are interested in having Brad create a video and/or website for your special day, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks for stopping by.




We immediately fell in love with the photos of Rad + In Love after stumbling across them online. Nontraditional, yet elegant, hip and smart, all at the same time. Check them out here and enjoy the stunning shots they captured. 


Even though our wedding ceremony was just between the two of us (and our adopted dog Kansas) we also knew that we wanted to share the day with our family and friends in the form of a video. In fact, the video was how we announced we were married! Brad, being a film maker, directed and edited the video. We chose Joshua Tree for its natural beauty and serenity. Every shot of Kansas was him just being his natural self--no direction needed! He knew it was a special day.


Wedding Details

We wanted our wedding to reflect our spiritual and vegan values. Our ceremony was a blend of our spiritual path A Course in Miracles, Native American traditions, and traditional and self-written vows. Because we are vegan, the food and clothing needed to be cruelty-free, free of any animal products. Joshua Tree ended up being the perfect venue where we could meditate and celebrate in peace and love with each other and the environment.