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100 LAYER CAKE features our elopement. 

"We’ve been looking forward to sharing Cynthia + Brad’s elopement for a little while now. These two crazy cats didn’t tell anyone they were tying the knot, so we had to keep it on the hush hush for a bit. It was well worth the wait though. It’s incredibly intimate, the photos captured by Rad + In Love are gorgeous, and their video documentation is extremely touching and emotional. If it doesn’t make you want to elope we don’t know what will…"

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SIMPLY ELOPE features our wedding photos and video in "A Privet Elopement in Joshua Tree".


STONE FOX TALES features our elopement in "The Bride Wore Nikes: Seven Couples On Their Crazy Cool Elopements." 

"If the mere thought of a massive wedding with a hundred bazillion friends and fam has you reaching for a Xanax, you might want to consider running into the sunset with the one you love and exchanging vows somewhere completely private and amazing. We asked seven couples to give us the scoop on their elopement — check out how they pulled it off and what they learned in the process."



REFINERY 29 features the Stone Fox Bride article "7 Real Elopements You'll Love".

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REFINERY 29 features Cynthia and her dress in "This Bride Bought Her Dress On eBay (& It's Gorgeous)".

"You may recognize Cynthia as one of the gorgeous brides who chose to elope. As soon as we saw her sexy little lace dress, we knew we needed to learn more. Cynthia really wanted to find an eco-friendly dress, which led to hours trolling eBay. Here’s what happened next."

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VEGAN WEDDINGS HQ features a Q&A with Cynthia about our 100% vegan elopement. 

"Brad and I joke that we had a huge wedding, because almost 6,000 people have viewed our wedding video online. To us, that is the perfect wedding: our special day was just between the two of us, but friends, family and even people around the world that we don’t even know got to share in our magical experience. Now we have strangers writing us to say we’ve inspired their elopement. We couldn’t be more flattered or happier."

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ONE PART GYPSY features our elopement in "A Beautiful Joshua Tree Elopement."

"When I saw Brad and Cynthia’s intimate and artistic wedding video I just about cried. Their wedding wants are similar to ours and their ceremony honored them beautifully."

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VINTAGE AND CHIC LOVE features out elopement (in Spanish!) in "Una boda à deux en el desierto."

"Una pareja, Cinthia y Brad, una mascota, Kansas, un parque nacional californiano semi desértico, un oficiante, luz de atardecer e, intuyo, un gran equipo de foto y filmografía y el resultado es una historia emotiva, unas imágenes que atrapan por su sencillez y su fuerza. Una boda à deux que no puede gustarme más."

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PALM SPRINGS DESERT SUN magazine features a photo from our elopement in "How to Elope: Palm Springs Style."

"Eloping IS undeniably a fun way to tie the knot and many couples are interpreting modern love as a wedding designed for simplicity, cost­ effectiveness and a focus with each other in mind. "